My body has transformed completely

I never thought that physical training would become a lifestyle for me. My body has transformed completely in just weeks at something I can call a second home; The JSA. The trainers at the JSA target your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.

They make working out personal, and are attentive to your goals and individual expectancies. The main reason I find the JSA different than your average gym is the consistent motivational push that comes from those around you. When you walk into the gym, egos are no longer existent, and hard work is present. There is a strong focus on technique, and smart lifting is a safe to say motto! I am confident in every lift I approach because I am always being accompanied by a trainer to make sure my muscles are being worked correctly, rather then just trying to lift the heaviest weight in the gym to appear strong.

Strength is earned, and I have never been this confident in my physique and I have the JSA to thank for that. I have been pushed to reach my personal goals and every workout remains intensified both mentally and physically by simply being apart of what the JSA team brings to the table. It is always clear that they are there to help you reach ambitions and get the experience you are searching for. The gym offers several different opportunities to get fit, which allows you to find what is most comfortable and intriguing to you!

The JSA creates an improved you and for me has been a promising atmosphere to challenge myself in ways I never thought were possible.

Thank you!

Amanada Labarage

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