Cage JSA Pricing

We get this question asked a lot… A LOT 🙂

Quite simply we have a variety of different packages based upon the results you are looking to achieve.

Do you want to get in the absolute best shape of your life, be healthier, happier and stress free?

Do you want to discover how Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts will give you confidence, power, respect and SKILLZ???

Maybe you have dreams of being a top competitor in MMA or BJJ?

Do you want to train like a strongman and learn the art of old school strength training?

Or possibility you have a son or daughter that could strongly benefit from life em-powering benefits of martial arts training for kids?

We have training options for all of those!

… honestly we try our best to simply our packages, but because we do a lot, it is just impossible to do a one size fits all price.

The best we can say is that our prices range from $59 to $479 a month.

Once you come down for your intro lessons, fitness assessment or free class, we will give you a package based upon the goals your are looking to achieve.

Lastly, if you are just looking to know how much we charge and are not willing to come down and even visit us to say hello… then maybe we’re not a good fit – sorry.