Cardio Kickboxing Classes at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT are a combination of a great fitness workout, where you’re burning fat, building muscle, and relieving a lot of stress.  But did you know that you’re also learning some valuable self defense skills too?

All of our Cardio Kick Boxing Classes are taught by expert martial artists who are here to help you get the best workout, but also ensure that you’re learning the proper kickboxing technique.

Here are the top 5 Cardio Kickboxing ‘Moves’ you’ll use in our classes in Cromwell CT.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #1: Jab Cross

The jab cross are the two most important punches you can learn.  They are straight punches, and are targeted at the face, or body.  During kickboxing classes, your instructor will give you certain kickboxing combinations that will include these two punches, along with others such as the hook punch, uppercuts, and other variations.

Check out this video from one of our TRITAC Co-Founders on how to do these straight punches for your Cardio Kickboxing Class, but also for self defense.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #2: Front Kicks

Front Kicks are one of the best kicks that you can ever learn for self defense, but also excellent for building strength, coordination and power in your legs during your Cardio Kickboxing Class.  A good front kick can be targeted to the mid section, groin or legs.  Learning how to do a good front kick will not only give you a strong edge in self defense, but help you get a great workout in your cardio kick boxing class in CT.  Here’s a video using front kicks from Matt Bryers, owner of the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #3: TRITAC Frames

TRITAC Frames are a combination of an elbow strike and defense against strikes in one move.  They are unique to TRITAC and one of the top skills that we teach new students for self defense, but also in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes.  A good TRITAC Frame is not only a powerful technique to defend against punches or other attacks, but can also be a powerful to strike your opponent as well.  They are great to train using the heavy bag in your kickboxing class, and also develop strong and powerful shoulders.  We are one of the only Cardio Kickboxing Schools in CT that teach you how to use these powerful techniques in your classes.  TRITAC Co-Founder shares how to do the TRITAC Frame.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #4: Roundhouse Kick

Along with the front kick, the round house kick is one of the basic kicks that you will use in your Cardio Kickboxing class.  There are many variations of the roundhouse kick, but in our Cardio Kickboxing classes at the Cage JSA in Cromwell, CT we focus mostly on the Muay Thai and/or Kyokushin Karate version of the roundhouse kick (basically same kick).  These are VERY powerful kicks that target the knees, body or head.  The are great to beat-up a heavy bag and are one of the top kicks that you will learn in our Cardio Kick boxing Classes.  Liam Harrison, globally renowned Muay Thai World Champion, Yokkao sponsored athlete, Bad Company pro fighter and One Championship incumbent here goes through his patented style of killer low kicks.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #5: Hammer Strikes

Hammer strikes are unconventional strikes that are used a lot in our TRITAC Combatives system.  They are unique strikes that are very powerful, and hard to ‘detect’.  These make them great for self defense situations, but also make your cardio kickboxing classes a lot more fun by being creative with different kickboxing combinations using punches, kicks, frames and hammer strikes.  Here’s an awesome drill for hammer strikes that you will learn in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes in CT, from one of the TRITAC Co-Founders.

Ready to learn all these awesome moves in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes in CT?

Strength Training is a big world, there are many applications of ‘strength training’ that go way beyond just trying to add muscle or lose weight.

Strength training, especially at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT, should be about strengthening the body’s natural movements.  For example, the squat exercise is one of best exercises you could do for all-around fitness, health, fat loss and of course strength.  But most people don’t even know how to squat properly.  When learning to be strong, we first focus on the movement, without weight.  So if you were learning to squat, we first teach you the squat movement, and then challenge your strength by adding resistance.

The Turkish Get Up is one of the most complicated, but also extremely beneficial strength training exercises that challenges your whole body.  Matt Bryers and Jason Valencia, two of the strength coaches at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT, show you how to do the Turkish Get Up along with many of the benefits of this awesome strength training exercise.

If you’re interested in learning this awesome lift, as well as how you can become stronger, lose weight, and get the body you want…. without spending HOURS of cardio, then check out our strength training classes in Connecticut at the Cage JSA.

Get a 1-Week of Free 1-on-1 Strength Training workouts with Matt or Jay.


Looking to amp up your cardio fitness? Indoor cycling might just be the fun, calorie burning activity that you have been looking for. 

Indoor cycling or sometimes called spin classes are all the rage! Why? Because it’s fun, intense and gets you in wicked-good-shape!  

If you need a challenging workout, or looking change to your BOORING workout routine, or just want an awesome fun experience with your buddies, then check out a indoor cycling classes / spin class and enjoy these 5 benefits of indoor cycling:

  1. Burn Calories as You Enjoy Your Ride

Not only do you get to enjoy great music while cycling through class, but you burn a significant amount of calories! Consider this: a one-hour long ride at a moderate intensity burns approximately 400 to 600 calories at a moderate pace, according to Harvard Health.

  1. Improve Your Cardio for a Healthy Heart

Cycling can be performed as an aerobic workout as well as anaerobic exercise, pulling energy from reserves and building up muscular endurance over an extended timeframe. Cycling classes include endurance and cardiovascular training with amazing benefits to your heart.

  1. Set Your Own Pace

If you prefer to crank up the speed and resistance frequently, have at it. If you are new, recovering from injury or just not the “high-intensity type,” no worries. Every time you take a cycling class, find your comfort zone and make the experience your own.

  1. Low impact on your joints

Cycling puts far less pressure on your knees and your feet than other traditional cardio workouts.  You can have a killer workout on a bike without hurting your knees or back. You can concentrate on results without fearing potential injuries.   

  1. Build Lean Muscle Definition

Won’t take long before the benefits of cycling start to show up in the mirror. One such benefit – added lean muscular definition! Then add the loss of unwanted body fat into the equation, the combined results will have you jumping for joy – assuming you’re not suffering from post-workout soreness!  You will definitely begin to see definition in your legs and core muscles, since those are the main muscles you use to ride. But you will also see a nice lift to your back side!

Ready To Give Indoor Cycling A Try??  Then get a free week on us to take any class you want!  Over 70 classes a month!

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You wouldn’t believe how often I am asked about why I do yoga, why other people should do it, and what the benefits are. The truth is the reasons I practice yoga are personal, just as they should be for anyone. Of course, there are many physical benefits to yoga, but for me it’s about so much more than that. There are many intangible benefits in yoga beyond just getting in great shape!

Here are five great reasons you should practice yoga

1. Yoga has many tremendous physical and mental benefits

Different types of yoga formats such as Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and other forms of Power Yoga will absolutely change your body. You will lose weight, gain strength, and have great muscle tone. What you might not expect is that as your body grows stronger so will your mind. You will develop a great sense of self-awareness, patience, and focus. Who doesn’t like feeling and looking good?

2. Yoga relieves pain

When practiced under the guidance of trained instructors, yoga can be used as an alternative form of pain management. Numerous studies have shown the effects that yoga can have on back pain, arthritis, headaches, heart disease, pregnancy, and so much more. Yoga is also shown to improve things like your digestive system and your joints. Yoga can also increase blood flow throughout your entire circulatory system, which makes it great for your heart.

3. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety

One of the biggest lessons in yoga is learning how to BREATHE! You will learn how to breathe in everyday situations, which will help reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing gives you the power to control your emotions in many situations, giving you the mental clarity you need to get through difficult situations.

4. Yoga connects you to your spirit

Yoga isn’t a religious practice, but it’s certainly a spiritual one. Yoga allows you to prioritize your soul over physical or materialistic things. So much of yoga practice is more than just the asanas (postures). Practicing yoga gives you a sense of calmness. The Namastes, the calls to relaxation, reflection, and meditation will leave you feeling balanced and centered.

5. Yoga gives you 60 minutes of time just for you

Ask yourself how much time a day you dedicate to disconnecting and allowing yourself to just be? Yes, your job, your family, and your friends are all important… but so is your well-being. For 60 minutes you can step on a mat and breathe deeply into your body and let everything go. Give your mind and body the attention they deserve so you can be the best version of yourself.

I encourage you to give yoga a try if you haven’t already!

Our friendly staff and instructors will help walk you through the process step-by-step if you’ve never been to a yoga class before. Yoga is easy to start, fun to learn, and before you know it you’ll be hooked!

According to some study, somewhere, 80% of people fail in the gym and never achieved any semblance of the goal there were looking to achieve.

I think you would agree that most people start off their fitness path by joining their local gym.  It’s close, it’s cheap and they’ve  got a TV on the treadmill.  Maybe there’s a guy in a polo shirt who shows you around, tells you what exercises you can do.  After that… regardless of if they only keep at it for a month, or they hang around for a longer… the result is the same.  Little to no results.


Why do these poor souls who just want feel good about themselves FAIL…?

Well according to my extensive research on the subject, here are 10 reasons why 80% Fail in the gym

1) Lost sight of vision

When you first think about joining a gym, there was a reason.  You had a vision.

There is a vision of you how you want to look and feel.  Maybe it’s gaining the confidence and strength that comes from training combat martial arts.

Or… maybe it was looking sexy as hell, ass popping and feeling good!

But then what happens.  You start strong, go for a few weeks, and something derails you.  Then the excuses start happening, and eventually the gym is just a scan tag on your keys.

You lost sight of the vision.  You lost your WHY.

OR … your vision wasn’t important enough.  You didn’t care enough about yourself to make it happen.

But if you do care, and did care… why did you stop going?

2) No Plan

How many times do you see people aimlessly walking around the gym?  BTW – these people are a lot of fun to watch.  I always would wonder what they were thinking

[in my head, thinking about what they’re saying in their head]

  • “I’ll just uhh grab this thing over here, yeaup, give that a few curls… hell yea, gonna get jacked arms… I should get a tattoo”
  • “Ah shit, I should hit the treadmill for a bit, burn some calories, increase my cardio, scope out the gym scene… I think those two are hooking up”
  • “Ohhhhh that ab machine looks cool, so THIS is how you get abs.  I can’t wait to have a six pack.  I wonder how many reps I have to do to get a 6 pack.  Is there a chart for that? Let me google that now while I’m working out.  Multi tasking rules.”

How can you expect to succeed like that?  And you know that’s why … 80% of them are thinking!!!

Without a plan – a structured approach to results that makes the path CLEAR is what you need.

“The plan gives you the path to your vision”.  (that’s solid gold right there).

3) Went The Cheap Route

The FIRST question … 80% of all people ask me when they inquire about the Cage JSA is

“How much does a membership cost?”
For those who are inquiring, we have a variety of different options, come down for a visit and we’ll go over them with you.

Why do people ask this question??

1, it’s probably the only question they know to ask.  They want to go to the gym, they’re used to paying $10 a month for their regular gym who they don’t go to anyways, and they don’t use that gym, so they don’t want to pay for another gym that they’re not going to use.

2, they are scared of the cost because again, they know if they fail, they’re going to be paying for 2 memberships

3, they are on a tight budget, and cannot afford groceries, but want to get in shape

4, they never have any intention of joining, but they want to use the excuse “it cost too much” for NEVER getting results.

Listen, if you are not willing to invest your time and money into yourself, we can’t help you.  No one can but yourself.  But we are here for our clients to provide them everything they need to get their results.  That’s why they pay us 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to join the Cage JSA or some other facility.  What matters is, don’t be a dump ass when it comes to taking care of yourself.  This is your body, health and part of your life progression…. don’t ignore it.  Don’t make excuses to prevent yourself from seriously, like REALLY doing what you set out to do.

4) No Gym Buddy

We all know that when you workout with someone else, you are much more successful in the gym.  You are accountable to that person.  But also all gym stories of failure go, once one gym partner ditches, the second one is soon to follow.  And now no one’s doing anything.

What if, the WHOLE gym and the staff were your workout buddies.  No WAY would you let them down.  They expect you to be in class, in the gym or on the mats – making improvements every day.  Everyone knows your schedule, and you know everyone’s too.

No gym buddy left behind.

5) Wrong Gym

The gym, fitness facility, martial arts school, whatever is a unique place.  You have to feel comfortable there.  You have to feel like “I can hang out with these people”.  This is really, really important.

If the environment is “weird” and doesn’t make you feel good  – there is absolutely NO WAY you are going to show up there on regular basis.

Of course in the beginning, it’s challenging walking into a legitimate training gym.  That’s why you need to evaluate it.  Give it a week, and go from there.

Do not EVER just join a gym for their workout equipment or extreme close proximity to your home or work.  Go to a gym that is designed to get the results you are looking for, in a way that is fun and engaging.

6) F_cking Lazy

What do you want me to say?  People are f-ing lazy.

I don’t care what excuse they got, and I am sure there are some legitimate ones, but come on… the amount of excuses and LIES people tell to themselves is unreal.  My gym BS meter is very honed in.  Over 25 years in gyms, martial arts schools, and just about every other facility for training you can imagine, and the out right lies people tell to themselves is insane.

I don’t get it.  Some people are just never going to get “going”.  It’s sad.  I wish I could do something.

In fact, when I first started teaching, I used to spot these people and think that I was going to be the one that changed them.  That showed them the light…  Unfortunately some people just can’t get out of their own way.

So those our my 6 reasons why people fail in the gym.

I don’t want to see them fail, it makes me sad 🙁

But, if they OR you are looking for a place where we ensure that doesn’t happen, where failure is a learning experience that we use to grow – then come hang out with us for a week.

We’re always looking for new gym buddies!


This is a great question, and one that many newcomers to cardio kick boxing have pondered… “Will I learn how to defend myself in a cardio kickboxing class?”

The truth is – No.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but after 25+ years in the martial arts, you just are not going to learn REAL self defense in a fitness based cardio kickboxing class.

Now, that doesn’t mean that taking a class is bad a thing!  Cardio Kickboxing is an INCREDIBLE fat burning workout and a lot of fun!  There is also just something primal, fun and cool about hitting the bag… not to mention stress relieving!

Of course you learn boxing and kick-boxing strikes.  Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees, etc.  There’s also a warm up and cool down that keeps your body feeling ready to make that heavy bag remember your name 🙂

But, are you going to learn self defense skills?? Like… real skills that will save your life and protect your family?  Nope.

I have a solution for you though.

There have been over 2,000 people who have walked through the doors of my school (past & present).  80% of those people are ultimately looking to feel better in their lives.  The other 20% would be our world-class BJJ / MMA fighters.

We recognize that not everyone wants to do Jiu-Jitsu or MMA.  It’s just not for everyone.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t get the self defense benefits and skills that come from combat marital arts training.

Our solution to this is our TRITAC Combat Fit Classes.

For those who aren’t aware of what TRITAC is – it is a framework and methodology for learning combative skills.  Everyone has their own different path, TRITAC shows it to you.

Our Combat Fit Classes are High-Intensity Self Defense Classes.  Basically it’s Cardio Kickboxing while learning real self-defense skills.

You have a coach,  learn self defense skills, and still get an incredible workout… just like cardio kickboxing!  It’s a win-win-win!!!

Since TRITAC Combat Fit combines different skill sets, we start off with intro lessons / workout.  We want to ensure that you get the best workout and self-defense training as possible.  Starting off with a free intro makes sure we get you results ASAP.

The phrase strength training itself brings up images of hulk like men grunting, lifting heavy weights, listening to anger death metal and chugging protein shakes.

While this may be true at some of the “hardcore gyms”, most strength training gyms are designs for “every-day” men and women who are looking to feel stronger, lose weight and gain muscle.

There are many misconceptions around strength training and how it can greatly benefit your life as well.

Lie #1: Strength Training Will Make Women Bulky and Unattractive.

This is the one we get the most. As a strength and fitness gym, our most common request is to lose weight and tone up.

The funny thing is that strength training does exactly that!

It almost angers us at how much we actually hear that women are terrified of strength training because they think they will get big.

Women, please, lets dispel this myth right now…

It would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to get bulky strength training unless you were eating for a small army. Even then, your would probably be surprised at how hard it is to actually gain a thick bulky body.

What happens instead is that women burn fat and build beautiful, shapely muscle.

NOTE – in order to get as big as this women, there are extreme “supplements” involved and a diet of at least 5,000 calories a day.  It is seriously impossible to look even remotely like this unless you spent 5-10 years… or more trying.

Lie #2: You Need Cardio Exercise To Lose Weight

This is another favorite. Go to a regular gym and look around at the treadmills; they’re packed, but how many of those people look in great shape? Now, how many of them of been on that treadmill for years getting little or no results at all?

The problem with cardio is that our body adapts so quickly, that all fat burning benefits are quickly reduced.

Your body needs to be consistently challenged… like in strength training.

Another benefit is that when you strength train you build more muscle… NOT BULK… but when you build more muscle, your metabolism increases and you also burn more fat.

So in fact, strength training does a much better job of burning fat than pure cardio.

Lie #3: There is one workout program that fits all women

This is a tough one to swallow. We buy all these books on workouts, dieting, health, etc. and how do you know which one will work for you? The true of the matter is that it’s truly custom.

Since Strength training is more of a “skill” than it is a pure fitness workout, each strength trainee needs to be treated as an individual and is the coaches responsibility to ensure that you get results.

When you’re ready to give strength training a shot at the Cage JSA, simply request a 1-week of free intro workouts and assessment, and we’ll get you on the path of feeling strong, losing weight, and developing healthy shapely muscle.


If you’re looking for a great way to spice up your fitness routine then look no further! Cardio Kickboxing is just for you. It’s a fun and exciting workout that you won’t get tired of. Not only that but you’ll get in great shape and be healthier too! Check out these 5 reasons we know you’ll love Cardio Kickboxing.

#1. Get A Great Full Body Workout

Typically in a 30 minute Cardio Kickboxing class you burn up to about 500 or 600 calories. Cardio Kickboxing keeps your body moving at all times, which keeps your heart rate elevated. The exercises work your core and all muscle groups to deliver a killer full body workout. It’s a great way to burn fat, tone up, and gain muscle!

#2. Boost Your Confidence!

Cardio Kickboxing is a great way to get in shape and look great. Not only will you get in better shape, you’ll have more confidence too! Many men and women find that improving how they look improves how they feel. Give yourself a big confidence boost knowing you look and feel your best.

#3. Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Believe it or not, there is something very therapeutic about punching and kicking a bag. Take all that frustration from your busy day and get it out in a fun and healthy way! Cardio Kickboxing has been scientifically proven to reduce your overall stress and anxiety levels.

#4. It’s Easy On The Joints

Cardio Kickboxing is a very low impact exercise, especially when compared to jogging. The two main movements are punches and kicks against a punching bag. Striking and kicking can be easily toned up or down to lower impact. Your instructor will give you proper warm up and cool down periods, as well as the proper stretches to get your body moving.

#5. Save Time

Because Cardio Kickboxing is a full body workout, you can save time with all of your workout routines done at once. The American Fitness Professionals and Associates have labelled Cardio Kickboxing as maximizing efficient use of your time. All the important aspects of exercising are included in the routine. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength building, and endurance are all are covered with one workout.

The Benefits of Yoga for Men and Women

No matter what age you are Yoga can provide you with incredible benefits. To someone who has never tried it before it probably looks intimidating to see all those incredible Yogis out there stretching, bending and contorting their bodies into seemingly impossible poses. It is important to remember that even they were beginners at some point. Nobody starts off amazing at any sport, or athletic endeavor. It takes years and years of practice to gain a high level of flexibility and mobility that advanced Yogis have. But even the basic movements and poses can be incredibly beneficial to a novice Yogi. What that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits Yoga provides.

Increase flexibility and mobility

Our bodies are designed for movement, but most of us spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair working at a computer or moving very little throughout the day. A sedentary lifestyle causes your joints and muscles to get stiff and tighten up. Yoga includes many physical postures (called yoga asanas) that loosen the joints that make up your spine–a great way to restore your flexibility and mobility. If you have soreness from sitting in your shoulders, back, and neck, Yoga can greatly reduce common aches and pains.

Get toned, build muscle

Yoga as a practice goes far beyond stretching and flexibility by using weight bearing exercises like the plank, eagle, and warrior pose to strengthen and build muscle. You will notice an impact in your legs, shoulders, and core, giving you a total body workout and burning body fat. Some of the most recommended exercises for increasing strength and balance come directly from yoga.

Relive anxiety and stress

Our busy lifestyles can leave us feeling anxious and stressed at the end of the day. Think of your body like a battery, storing the energy you need for an active lifestyle. If that energy is always being stored up and has nowhere to go your mental health will suffer as a consequence. If you feel high levels of anxiety or stress, you will benefit from setting some time aside daily for a meditative, low impact workout. Have you ever heard a Yogi talk about the “high” they get after 30 minutes of Yoga? Practicing yoga releases endorphins and dopamine, reducing negative feelings and making you feel good.

Prevent Injuries

If you are already active in the gym, be it lifting weights, or pursuing an athletic endeavor, adding Yoga into your training routine can greatly reduce the risk of suffering an injury during a workout. Practicing yoga builds “body awareness,” which will help you better assess yourself, keeping you conscious of how your body feels and the limits of your physical capability. Not only does yoga build body awareness but having flexible, well-stretched yoga muscles will help your body recover more quickly after a tough workout.

Should you be practicing Yoga? The answer to this question is most likely yes. Unless you are suffering from an injury or have specific medical advice from a doctor, introducing even 30 minutes of Yoga into your daily routine will provide you with a plethora of benefits. What do you have to lose? Give it a try and see how yoga makes you feel!