Great place to train and push yourself

The JSA is a great place to train and push yourself.  The trainers there  are very helpful and actually know what you are talking about unlike other trainers at your typical gym.

I’ve learnt alot there so far and I have gotten stronger. Ii enjoy going there because everyone is friendly and you don’t have to worry about being judged.

Megan D.

Discovered a life passion

I have been working out for a while, typical bodybuilding type of training, and then discovered the JSA as a recommendation from a friend.

The JSA literally changed my life.  I now consider myself a strength athlete.  I have competed in strongman competitions, gotten SO much more stronger than I could have on my own, and I feel like I have discovered a life passion.

I recently got certified as a strongman trainer under Derek Poundstone to continue my goals of getting stronger, competing, and helping others reach their goals.

Ryan “Buck” Buchanan

At least you’ve got Jits

In today’s world where your ability to use some of your most basic, most primitive, yet most essential skills is often constrained, at least you’ve got Jits.  For me, I find I’m most alive when I’m jumping out of an airplane or when someone is trying to choke me or break my arm and I have to defend it.  And, it’s great exercise.

Andrew B.

I absolutely fell in love with KJJ and BJJ

So having Evan tell me about your gym started bring back memories of high school wrestling. Knowing for a long time I needed to get back into shape and finding going to a regular gym boring I decided to try it out. After trying out a few classes I absolutely fell in love with Kjj and Bjj. I wish I had known about this years ago!

Not only is it a great work out but it helps relax you where other activities don’t. The best part about the JSAis that you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Everyone treats everyone with respect and it feels like you are part of a family. I am proud to say that the JSA is part of my family.

Kosta G.

My body has transformed completely

I never thought that physical training would become a lifestyle for me. My body has transformed completely in just weeks at something I can call a second home; The JSA. The trainers at the JSA target your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.

They make working out personal, and are attentive to your goals and individual expectancies. The main reason I find the JSA different than your average gym is the consistent motivational push that comes from those around you. When you walk into the gym, egos are no longer existent, and hard work is present. There is a strong focus on technique, and smart lifting is a safe to say motto! I am confident in every lift I approach because I am always being accompanied by a trainer to make sure my muscles are being worked correctly, rather then just trying to lift the heaviest weight in the gym to appear strong.

Strength is earned, and I have never been this confident in my physique and I have the JSA to thank for that. I have been pushed to reach my personal goals and every workout remains intensified both mentally and physically by simply being apart of what the JSA team brings to the table. It is always clear that they are there to help you reach ambitions and get the experience you are searching for. The gym offers several different opportunities to get fit, which allows you to find what is most comfortable and intriguing to you!

The JSA creates an improved you and for me has been a promising atmosphere to challenge myself in ways I never thought were possible.

Thank you!

Amanada Labarage

Formiga is amazing

I have been training at JSA for about 4 weeks now and am very impressed with the teaching staff, the facility and the people. I have trained at other jiu-jitsu schools in the area and so far this is the best one I have found. Formiga is amazing to train with and wicked cool.

From Google Reviews:

Best places in New England

Absolutely one of the best places in New England to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and to get strong and fit. They have every piece of equipment you could ever need to get improve your fitness and get strong for athletics. This place has a warm, welcoming atmosphere but when it’s time to train you will work hard and you will improve. Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa is a world-class competitor in brazilian jiu-jitsu and it’s extremely lucky that we have him in Cromwell. Matt Bryers is a purple belt in BJJ as well as 3rd degree black belt in Kobukai Ju-jitsu, and is a master of strength training and self-defense arts.

Bottom line, if you want to try bjj or if you want to get strong and in shape, come here.

From Google Reviews:

Formiga is top of the class in BJJ

Great place to train. The students and the instructors are helpful and approachable. I have been training in martial arts for over 25 years, at many gyms/dojos, and this place has the least amount of ego I have encountered. Matt is a welcoming business owner and a knowledgeable excellent instructor. Formiga is top of the class in BJJ. The price is great and you are given plenty of time to check out the school to see if it is the right fit for you with no pressure. It is both sports (jiu jitsu) and real world street (ju-jitsu) martial arts training with plenty of rolling time on the mat. I wish I lived closer so I could continue to train there.

William Sandoval

From Google Reviews:

Love the change from the mundane gym routine

Love the change from the mundane gym routine. I’ve been training at the JSA for two months now. For me, the group dynamic is the best part of working out there. During the circuit training workouts, everyone is giving their all and is being encouraged the whole time by the other participants. It really makes you intensify your workouts. Along with that, there is no feeling like you have to surpass what you can physically do. There are NO EGOS! The instructors and members are friendly, encouraging, and they kick your butt! Get to the the JSA!

From Google Reviews:

Great place to go train

I have visited this school many times and continue to visit it. I have always been very well received by Matt (the owner), Ken (instructor, brown-belt), and Formiga (if you don’t know who he is, look him up on Youtube, this guy is a real class-act). It is an open school with friendly people and tough guys and girls of every size and build, so you are bound to find a suitable training partner at your level – whether you are a BJJ beginner or a blackbelt, you are bound to have some fun. Clean place, clean people, and a VERY clean mat (one of those tarps, like that in Rorion Gracie’s Academy), which is always a big plus. If you live in the area or are just passing by, this is a great place to go train. Sharing is the key!

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