Jiu-Jitsu is known as one of the most complete and effective martial arts systems.  Though it has been around for centuries and has it’s roots in the Samurai battlefields of Japan; it has gained “recent” popularity with the Ultimate Fighting Championships. A small 170lb Brazilian man named Royce Gracie showed the effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu in limited rules unarmed combat (UFC 1).

Here are some of the core combat benefits when training jiu-jitsu.

  • Learn the most effective martial arts style
  • Learn to depend against all ranges of combat
  • Learn to depend against and defeat larger and stronger attackers
  • Learn techniques used by top Military and Police units
  • Learn techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts Competition
  • Develop a combat mindset and preparedness

Since the inception of the UFC, Jiu-Jitsu has become a household name and is almost as popular as Karate.  The biggest difference in Jiu-Jitsu compared to other martial arts, is that Jiu-Jitsu is a Combat Martial Art.  Meaning: Jiu-Jitsu must be trained and taught in a combat situation.  We don’t practice our moves in the air, we are not performing endless katas fighting non-existent enemies, and we are definitely not jumping through the air trying to perform spinning flying upsidedown crazy horse kicks that have no real effectiveness in combat.

In every jiu-jitsu class you will work with a partner learning and experiencing real effective combat techniques that you can use in a street fight situation, a grappling tournament or a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

After your third class, you will actually spar in jiu-jitsu or what we call “roll”.  This is essentially a grappling training match.  You will face other students in your class and “spar” with each other to enhance and hone your techniques.  This is one of the biggest differences in Jiu-Jitsu then other martial arts.  In every class you are training your mind and body to fight and use jiu-jitsu effectively.  There are no fake opponents, no techniques that don’t work, and you will always improve and learn from each class.  For you new people and potential students – PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID of rolling or sparring in jiu-jitsu.  When we face a new student, we are “working” with you.  We HELP YOU beat us!  As you improve, we slowly increase the level of techniques.  This way you are always improving and learning to fight.  There is nothing to gain by a senior student destroying a new student.  No one improves that way.

Jiu-Jitsu is also a very personal art.  As you increase your knowledge of jiu-jitsu, you will begin to develop your own core set of techniques and develop the way you fight.  Because of this, we want to teach you jiu-jitsu and want to teach you how to fight better.  In doing so, we also are improving ourselves.  Your knowledge and understanding of jiu-jitsu may exploit a weakness in our jiu-jitsu in which we must train to fix.  This way everyone is always improving.

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  1. Deedee
    Deedee says:


    I’ve never seen a Jiu Jitsu match/class/practice so I won’t say anything out of ignorance to the sport. However, I am slightly offended by how you made “other martial arts” seem pointless and useless. I’m a proud member of the traditional Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won… And although yes, we do open-hand techniques with “fake enemies” and multiple different styles of kicks, we do also perform joint-locking techniques, focus on pressure points, low stances, etc… I have gained such a personal, mental, physical and spiritual benefit from it. The open-hand techniques are learned in the lower ranks to be applied to multiple enemies later on. It works…. whether you think so or not. It just takes effort, sweat, pushing your limits and being aware. So No, “other martial arts” aren’t necessarily combat – based, because they’re not “fighting arts”. They’re meant for self defense and tradition. Not trying to pick a fight or anything but I’m defensive when people are condescending towards an amazing family of arts. Might as well talk smack on your cousin… Martial arts is an art with different colors.

    • Matt Bryers
      Matt Bryers says:

      Hello Deedee,

      Thank you for the comment. First, please understand that our article was in now way meant to bash other martial arts. We are just highlighting the combat benefits of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is proven in combat; in military, self-defense and sport. I personally think this comes from the way jiu-jitsu is trained. You can’t hide or lie in jiu-jitsu because it is trained on a live opponent and in realistic scenarios. Every class includes live training; whether that is rolling (sparring) or high intensity scenario based training. You can’t create realistic training with katas and “pressure point training”. In order for those techniques to work you would need to be able to prove it’s effectiveness in live combat. That is why it is effective.

      Overall – ANY martial art training is amazing. The physical and mental benefits are just… amazing. But, also remember the article is meant to promote a school and promote a style that our school teaches. We are biased and we are trying to highlight why jiu-jitsu is better then the Karate school down the street who promises you a black belt in a year or two. Jiu-Jitsu is not for everyone, but again, just look at any “real combat” situations and training. Jiu-Jitsu is used and taught over other martial arts due to it’s pure effectiveness in real combat.

      Thank you again for your response. If you are in CT and would like to stop down and check out our school you are more then welcome. This is NOT a challenge or any crazy thing like that. I am simply offering you to see what we do, how are classes are taught and see for yourself why jiu-jitsu works.


      Sensei Matt


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