Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and all grappling martial arts in general, tap into something primal in each and every one of us.

You will see it with kids sometimes, especially young boys who like to wrestle around with other friends as they playfully test each other’s abilities. Sometimes they display natural instinctive grappling with out ever having been taught. They also learn to respect one another. You should not just sucker punch your face in the friend, because he will do it to you, and it hurts! And even better, it connects them to each, in a deep bond, appreciating a genuine “training partner” to grow up with.

So why do we lose touch with this as we grow older?

Obviously, we are conditioned to settle our differences using words and compassion in this society rather than resorting to violence. Nobody wants to experience violence, but in having no outlet for natural aggression we repress something deep inside us that wants to test our primal bodies against other apes. It sounds so barbaric, I get it. We left the jungle hundreds of years ago and established economies and a society based on shedding those “animalistic desires.” But some of those “desires” are actually “needs.”

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling in general, is a fun and responsible way to satisfy those needs by training the meat body in the art of self defense.

There are so many intangible qualities to training a grappling based martial art such as BJJ, or wrestling, to a person who has no experience with it. Of course, the UFC has exposed a lot of people to a variety of martial arts, but it takes more than watching it on TV to understand what it is all about. Really the only way to experience the benefits of grappling martial arts is to get on the mats and trying it out. Some of the benefits will be immediately recognizable. It is a great work out, probably one of the hardest you have ever experienced. It will humble you and show you just how vulnerable you are when defending yourself, even against a person with only a little experience. And it will make you feel like a million bucks! Some of the qualities that you will truly to grow to appreciate over time are part of the life long journey. You will bond with the people you roll with on a level so deep they will become your tribe, and your family. You will find the stressors of every day life so easy to deal with. And you will become a life long learner, a student to not only jiu jitsu, but everything life has to offer.

I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Through some of the greatest ups and downs in my life jiu jitsu has been the one discovery that as a hobby grew into a lifestyle. It has helped me mature as a person by teaching me responsibility, respect, and confidence. It has forced me to push myself beyond what I thought I was physically and mentally capable of. I have met my closes friends on the mat, and I have learned that my body is capable of doing great things and being tested.

Jiu Jitsu is by far the hardest things I have ever done. Nothing compares. There have been so many nights I have just wanted to quit, but it never ceases to draw me back in as I continue to be captivated by its beauty and power. If you have been seeking a revolutionary experience and looking at jiu jitsu online, then maybe it is time to stop looking and dive in. There is a life time of greatness ahead of you; all it takes is one little act of courage to step on the mats and get outside your comfort zone.

Looking to get started in Jiu Jitsu?  The Cage JSA offers intro lessons for beginners who are looking to get started the right way.  During these intro lessons you will work privately / semi-privately with one or multiple instructors.  Our mission to give you the most welcoming experience to the amazing martial art of Jiu Jitsu.

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