It’s like having a personal strength coach… at a fraction of the cost

The JSA is a dedicated strength and performance facility where we actually train our clients personally.  We provide the personal strength training service at a fraction of the cost of a personal training session.

The JSA is not a “big box” gym (Planet Fitness, WOW, Big Sky, etc).

  • 1 -on-1 Strength Coaching

    We work with you personally to ensure that you are training properly, safely, and getting the best results.  We put technique and movement first.  Every client is unique and has their own limitations and strengths.  We focus on ensuring that you get the best workout possible, but also teaching you how to train properly.

  • Custom Strength Programing

    We take all the guess-work out of your strength workouts.  We have dedicated strength programs for all levels and all goals.

    • If you are looking to feel stronger, more athletic and improve your overall strength and fitness level; we offer our strength and performance workouts.
    • Want to gain strength, muscle size and mass?  We have our strength & size workouts AKA GAINZ, that will put on serious strength and muscle?
    • Like Strongman or Unconventional strength training?  Then you’ll definitely want to check out our strongman training workouts.
    • Need something different?  We got you!  We’ll develop you a custom workout to makes you strong, keeps you healthy and feeling incredible!
  • Certified Strength Coaches

    All of our strength coaches have dedicated their lives to strength training and fitness training.  Every instructor has multiple certifications and/or degrees.  Our certifications include:

    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Bachelors Degree: Sport Science
    • Crossfit Strongman
    • WSM Certified Strongman
    • HKC Kettlebell
    • DVRT Sandbag
    • TRX Suspension

    Most instructors have tried one-on-one with some of the top strength athletes and coaches in the world.  At the JSA we’re known for our expertise and passion for strength training.

  • Strength First

    We put “strength first” at the JSA.  What this means is that during each of your strength workouts you’ll focus on one main strength “movement”.  We typically provide our clients with 4 major workouts a week.  These workouts focus on:

    • Posterior Chain / Deadlift: The deadlift is one of the most essential movements you can do to strengthen your whole-body, posture, and booty!  Unfortunately not many people know how to deadlift properly and end up hurting themselves.  We focus on teaching the proper form and showing you how to progress properly through this amazing exercise.  We use a variety of implements to train your deadlift and posterior chain: barbell, kettlebell, trap bar, sandbag, and more.
    • Overhead Press: There is nothing more powerful and awesome than putting some serious weight overhead.  There are many ways you can perform an overhead press: barbell, dumbbell, strongman log, kettlebell, sandbag, etc.  Regardless of how you do it, it’s one of the most important movements in the world.  Many people have problems with this due to shoulder mobility and general strength…. no worries, we got you!  We can provide you MANY options to develop this strength, keep healthy and get stronger!
    • Squat: The king of all exercises…. that few know how to perform.  We all know that you need to squat… but it’s actually a very complicated (and sometimes dangerous) movement.  We will show you how to squat properly, and progress through this awesome, but challenging movement.  Just like the deadlift, we will provide you a variety of exercises and strength implements to train you on this movement.
    • Horizontal Press / Bench Press or related: The bench press is one of the tried and true strength exercises that everyone loves to do.  It’s great for packing on strength and muscle.  But, MANY do not know how to bench press properly.  We focus on teaching you how to bench properly… and most importantly, how to recruit the all your pressing muscles to develop serious strength.
  • No Egos, No BS.... Seriously.

    We know that watching into a new training facility can make people a little… nervous.  You don’t know what to expect… you think someone might “judge” you, and you think you’re going to look stupid in front of all these AWESOME people 🙂

    Seriously…. We don’t care how strong you are, what you experience is (if you have any), or what current shape you’re in!  All we care about is your willingness to train, learn, and get stronger.

    The JSA is a family of people who just love to train.  There’s all shapes, sizes, experience levels, etc.  We can’t stress enough… we don’t care what state you’re in!  Just show up, train and have fun getting stronger with awesome people.

    NO BS… Ain’t nobody got time for BS.  If you’re tired of the drama at other gyms or facilities, come hang out with us for a week.  You’ll see the difference.

Our Custom Strength Training Programs

Strength & Performance Workouts

These workouts are designed to get you strong, fit and feeling like an athlete.  These are perfect for people who are looking for a Crossfit alternative.  Our focus is on you individually and ensuring that you get the best workout to make you STRONG and FIT.

Strength & Muscle-Mass Workouts

Gain strength, size and muscle with there custom strength workouts.  Each week you’ll focus on getting REALLY strong, while building a lot of muscle.  You will work more volume in this muscle building program, and reduce the amount of high-intensity exercise.

Strongman Workouts

Strongman training is one of the best training methods to develop insane… beast-like strength.  We have everything you need to train strongman at the JSA and many of us are active / former strongman competitors.  Some of the strongman exercises we focus on are:

  • Log Training
  • Tire Flips
  • Atlas Stones
  • Farmer’s Walks
  • Keg Carry
  • Truck Pulls
  • Yoke Walks
  • Axle Training
  • … and more.

Strongman training is A LOT of fun and the strength and performance benefits are insane.  Get ready to get strong!!

Fundamentals of Strength Program

Our fundamentals of strength program is a 2  or 6 week strength training program for those who are new to strength training or are looking to learn how to train properly.  This program is essential for all new strength trainees.  It’s vital that you learn how to lift and train properly.  We want you to get results and get STRONG… not get hurt.  During this program you will learn how to progressively get stronger, move better and continue to challenge yourself.

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1-Week of Free Training

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