Unless you are blind or don’t have cable television, you know that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is on the rise!  Everyone is interested in MMA and eventually more and more people want to learn how to fight in a Mixed Martial Arts event.

At our Jiu-Jitsu school in Cromwell, CT we teach the core grappling and striking DEFENSE techniques needed for Mixed Martial Arts competition – BUT, we are not a true Mixed Martial Arts school.  We still believe in teaching and learning a martial art, NOT JUST TRAINING A FIGHTER.

Some of us do compete in MMA and can provide our students with additional training with Matt Bryers, Oz Pariser, Ken Cotrona and Diogo Moreno and other trainers who are part of our group.  But, we highly recommend learning a base art first such as Jiu-Jitsu / Grappling and then enhancing your skills with other arts such as Kickboxing or Muay Thai.

If you are JUST LOOKING TO BE A FIGHTER – I am sorry, but we are not the school for you.  We believe that martial arts and jiu-jitsu is much, much more then JUST fighting.


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