The JSA enters 2013 with a great year of training in 2012! We’ve added a lot of new classes, our instructors are some of the best in the state and in the world, and our school is full of amazing martial artists and dedicated fitness students. The JSA has only been open for about 1.5 years and it amazes me at how fast we’ve grown!

But, what’s in store for 2013? How can we top 2012???

Well to start, we had a meeting of minds and we’re going to add some new programs to the JSA. Some new "TEAMS" actually: a MMA Team, a Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team, and a Strongman Competition Team

MMA Team

Many of you have expressed interest in training in MMA as well as competing. Now, we’re providing you with the opportunity, experience and training to get you ready! Our philosophy to MMA is going to be vastly different then other schools. It’s NOT open to everyone! You have earn your right to train! (details below)

The details….


Saturdays at 11AM to 1PM we will be offering a MMA Team Training day. The Team and Training will be led by Oz Pariser. Oz is one of the most talented MMA fighters in this area with a great deal of competition and technical experience. The team will also be supported by Rafael Formiga (BJJ), Ken Cortona (grappling), Kru Greg (Muay Thai), Stephen Makein (Wrestling) and myself (strength & conditioning).

Our official kickoff date is: 1/19/2013. Additional MMA training on Sundays at 10:30AM will be available.

What is involved:

Training will consist of MMA fighting techniques, specifically focusing on combining our Jiu-Jitsu skills with Muay Thai skills. There will also be a strength and conditioning component and MMA sparring.

Who can join:

In order to become a part of the team, you will need to hold the rank of a blue belt in BJJ or a yellow belt in Kobuki JJ; as well as be a regular student in our Muay Thai classes. You also need to be training at the JSA at LEAST 3x per week. If you do NOT fit the requirements and would still like to participate; please talk to me personally.


To be a member of the MMA Team, the costs will just be an additional $30 a month.

How to join:

If you’d like to join, please talk to me during class times or simply respond to this em ail.

Grappling Team

Our group of competitors is quickly growing at the JSA under our team: Soul Fighters BJJ / Best Way BJJ. We have one of the best coaches and BJJ competitors in the world. 2012 was a great competition year for us and we’re going into 2013 with a lot of steam and energy! You all know that we’ve got some of the hardest training in the state and we’re developing some amazing competitors, and now we want to do whatever we can to support you!

The Details…

We are going to be re-arranging and adding some additional times and classes for BJJ competitors. We want to create an opportunity to those who want to take their competition to the next level. Formiga is on vacation in Brazil for another 2 weeks, but when he gets back, we will be discussing some additional training times and/or re-arranging some of our schedule. I will keep you updated!


The cost is going to be a little different. Each month, each student will put in $20 to the "competition bank". The bank is going to be used to help pay for your competitions. As a team, you will all decide which competitions you want to compete in, and you all will help fund the competitors together. This way we’ll all be able to compete a little more and we can "sponsor" each other.

Strongman Team

When I started the JSA it came from a passion for Jiu-Jitsu and lifting heavy things. Never did I actually think we’d become a source for amazing strongman training. But with the support of Derek Poundstone and his team of trainers; we’ve been able to provide some of the best strongman training and programming in the area. We’ve already had some competitors who have done really well in competition as well as others looking to compete in 2013.

The Strongman team is a group of athletes who are looking to take their strength and athleticism to the next level. There is 4 dedicated sessions a week now. Myself and the Poundstone crew will be providing support and dedicated programming to those who are "ready to go".

There is no additional cost, it is included in your strength membership, but it is a requirement to train 4x a week. The individuals who are serious and dedicated will receive the individual support. We will program specifically for your needs to improve your overall strength and prepare you for specific events.

I will still be providing workouts and support to ALL fitness members, this team is just for those looking to compete or train like a serious strength athlete.

Final Thoughts

The JSA is my passion in life and I truly enjoy sharing it with you all. I’ve met some amazing people and have developed some of the greatest friendships I know through training. Everyday I look at the members I am filled with a sense of happiness and respect for all of you. I am also in awe at how amazing our instructors are:

  • Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa – Formiga is one of the most talented BJJ fighters in the world, yet also one of the most humble. He truly cares about all of you and your development in BJJ. What a rare and amazing teacher to have leading us on the journey of BJJ. It still amazes me to this day that we get to train with him on a daily basis.
  • Kru Greg Przytulski – I can’t believe how quickly his classes are growing and the TALENT his students have developed in such a short time. It’s a true testament to the quality of his instruction and the passion he puts into every class.
  • Sempai Ken Cotrona – Kenny is one of the most talented and knowledgable martial artist we have at the JSA. He has black belts in multiple martial arts and a brown belt in BJJ. His Sunday classes maybe small, but those who attend recognize the amazing instruction he has to offer!
  • Coach Stephen Makein – Steve is our wrestling coach who brings an insane amount of wrestling and grappling experience to the JSA. I don’t think you all realize the knowledge this man has. If you want to improve your wrestling ability for jiu-jitsu – TAKE HIS CLASS!
  • Josh Owen – Josh is a fairly new BJJ instructor to JSA, but a VERY talented one. Josh is the perfect martial artists that combines the respect and passion for martial arts with the ability to destroy opponents on the mat. Look for more of Josh in 2013
  • Oz Pariser – We have all seen Oz fight and know his ability as a martial artist, but most of you may not know his ability as an instructor as well! Oz brings a VAST amount of technical knowledge with the experience to back it. Check out Oz for MMA in 2013!
  • Sensei Matt Bryers (me) – All I want to do is provide my students with the ability to become solid ass-kickers: physically and mentally. I love the real combat approach to Jiu-Jitsu and my continued goal is to provide all of your with the confidence and ability to destroy adversity on the mat, "on the street" and in your lives outside of combat.

I hope you all feel the same way about the JSA and the JSA family that I do. It has been amazing to share this journey with you and I can’t WAIT to see what 2013 brings!

Thank you all!

Sensei Matt Bryers

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