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Experience the JSA Difference
1-Week Free Trial & Intro Lessons

Thinking about Learning Jiu-Jitsu?  Improving Your Strength and Performance?

Well – take our 1-Week Free Trial and Intro Lessons to see if the JSA is a good fit for you and your goals!

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In your 1-Week Free Trail you will….

  • • Receive Free Intro Lessons

  • • Experience what the JSA has to offer

  • • Participate in Small / Personalized Fitness or Strength Classes

  • • Learn from our Professional Instructors

  • • Start Learning Jiu-Jitsu and/or Self-Defense

  • • Get Stronger and Healthier with our Strength or Fitness Classes

  • • Become Part of Our Growing Family

  • • Get a Great Workout and Have fun!

  • • Enhance Your Lifestyle!

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Before the Trial

Before the trial you will schedule an appointment to meet with me (Matt Bryers). We will discuss your goals, discuss any concerns, review your martial arts or fitness background; and most importantly – get to know YOU!

For the trial I recommend comfortable and active clothing. For a martial arts class, wear a t-shirt, sweatpants or shorts. If you are participating in a fitness class, please bring sneakers as well.

It is important that you let me know as soon as possible if for any reason you will not be able to make your first lesson / consultation – Don’t worry, it will be possible to re-arrange the lesson for another day.

What to Expect During your Trial

During the week trial you will work closely with one of our professioanl staff and current students. You’ll learn real and usable techniques in our martial arts classes and/or get a great workout in our fitness or strength classes.

How to Join

After the week is up you and I (Matt Bryers (owner)) will discuss training options, recommendations and payment options. Based upon your goals and what classes you are taking; you and I will develop a custom pricing structure for you.

Martial arts uniforms are ordered when you join. 


Any prospective client should expect to be treated fairly and for example not be required to pay unexpected “extras”. The JSA is one of the best academies for fitness and jiu-jitsu in the region and is well known for it’s fair price policy.

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We will not share, sell or give anyone else your contact information.  We will only contact you about scheduling a time for you to come down or answer any questions.