Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Cromwell, CT for ages 5 to 13 years old

Our goal at the J.S.A. is provide a fun and safe environment for your kids to grow physically and mentally with a solid jiu-jitsu program that not only teaches them self-defense skills, but also how to be better not only in class, but in their daily lives as well.

Kids Self-Defense Skills

Our first goal with students is to teach them “real self-defense”. Real self defense starts with children learning how to defend themselves verbally and safely against bullies and people wishing to do them harm.

Students will also learn valuable physical self-defense skills that they can use to evade a situation, but also how to defend themselves without getting hurt nor seriously hurting their attacker.

We are not teaching children to hurt other children. If your child is attacked, our goal is to provide them the necessary techniques to control their attacker using jiu-jitsu grappling techniques until either their attacker gives up or help arrives.

“Fun” Jiu-Jitsu

Students will also be exposed to the fun and challenging side of sportive jiu-jitsu. Not only will they be learning self-defense skills, but they will also learn the pleasure of the sportive nature of jiu-jitsu.

The will play “jiu-jitsu games” and have safe, monitored and fun sparring sessions called “rolling”. Rolling is basically jiu-jitsu wrestling. When students roll – they are actually learning WAY more them then they realize. At first it seems like a game, but it is a valuable and important part of jiu-jitsu training that teaches new abilities, enhances other ones, builds confidence, teaches control and is A LOT of fun!

The beauty of jiu-jitsu is that anyone – regardless of age, size, flexibility, etc can do it. Jiu-Jitsu ends up being a very “personal” marital art – meaning, as you progress every student will learn to use their own attributes as an asset. If you are smaller, you can be quick, agile, and nibble. If are larger, you can strong, driven and tough. But in Jiu-Jitsu bigger never means better!


We will not actually be “teaching” your children confidence. No one can walk up to a person and show them how to be confident. Confidence is built and “earned”. Through jiu-jitsu practice confidence is built as students skills improve. Iin class they will be exposed to new techniques, movements and challenges. As they learn these new movements and face new challenges, their confidence grows.

They learn that they can overcome obstacles in front of them and gain the confidence to face new ones. Combined with their new found self-defense skills, students can easier face the daily challenges placed in front of them in school and out.


It is no surprise that children need more exercise – in fact, it’s probably safe to say that all of us could use more exercise! Jiu-Jitsu training is a fun way to kids to get in shape and learn the benefits of being active and healthy!

A note from Matt Bryers: Head Instructor

Martial Arts training is one of best “gifts” my parents ever provided me and is the one of the main reasons I attribute my growth in my personal and professional life. I was always the geeky, out of shape, bullied kid who struggled for friendships. Martial arts became a place where I not only learned valuable self-defense skills, but I was taught a lot more. I developed confidence as my skills increased, I developed valuable and lifelong friendships with fellow students, and I got in amazing shape. I can personally attest that martial arts can truly add benefit and value to anyone’s life.

My only regret in martial arts is that I wished I started jiu-jitsu a lot sooner!

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