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MMA Training in CT – Learn How To Fight For Self-Defense And In The Cage

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes At The Cage JSA In Cromwell CT are for everyone and anyone looked to learn to defend themselves, and prepare those athletes who want to fight in the Cage.

MMA training combines kickboxing, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu skills together in one MMA Class.  You will learn kickboxing combinations to land strikes, wrestling techniques to take your opponent down, and jiu jitsu skills to submit your opponent or escape out of bad positions.

Even though our MMA Classes are for beginners, we recommend that our MMA students also take our other classes, such as our BJJ training, Submission Grappling Classes, and our Kickboxing classes.

Our goal at the Cage JSA is provide you with everything you need to learn and excel at jiu-jitsu, learn how to fight and get stronger & in-shape. 

The JSA is 12,000 sq/f facilty featuring a martial arts training area, our strength gym and our fitness area. We offer classes 7-days week that include MMA Training, Combat Ju-Jitsu (Kobukai), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Strength Athletics and Fitness Classes.

We’re invested in your MMA training

One of the biggest benefits to training at the Cage JSA is that you’re NOT just a number. We focus on each students individual goals and levels.  When you’re training MMA with us, you will have multiple coaches who ensure that you get the best training for your level in our MMA Classes.

Your goals, training and progress as a MMA student or a fitness client is important to us.

Respect for Everyone

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years through my teachers, family and training partners is that RESPECT is paramount.  You need to respect your teachers to learn the most out of the lesson.  You need to respect your family to have their support in your training endeavors.  And, you need to respect your training partners in order to have their encouragement and support throughout the training.

I tell every new student that walks in the door that this is an environment that will provide you the best training because we treat each other and the school with respect.

I believe this helps others understand the fact that when they come to train at the JSA, they don’t have to worry about any other BS.  Everyone there – from the instructors to the students are there to work hard and support others.

One of the biggest benefits to training at the JSA is that you’re NOT just a number. At the JSA you become an intricate part of the school immediately. Our philosophy is that we need to help every student grow and reach their goals. We accomplish this by working personally with you. Whether it’s on the mat or in the gym, you are an individual who all of our instructors make it their personal mission to see you improve.

Professional Instruction

When we opened the school, we ensured that offered the BEST instruction and classes available. All of our Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu instructors have over 25 years of experience teaching and training.

  • We have one of the best jiu-jitsu instructors in the world for our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program
  • We offer one of the best Combat-based Ju-Jitsu styles
  • We offer one of the best strength training programs in the state with a Personalized Approach to training
  • We offer the best fusion of fitness and performance classes
  • We have a team of MMA students & athletes who are passionate about helping other achieve their MMA goals.

Safe and Clean

Our 12,000 S/F Facility is safe for all members, clean, with professional staff.  Our grappling mats are ~2.5″ thick that are perfect for MMA training, including throws, takedowns, wall combat and kickboxing.

Ready To Get Started With Our MMA Classes in Cromwell Connecticut?