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Over the course of a year and a few months with working with the JSA, Matt and the JSA team I lost over 70lbs of fat, increased my strength, and toned my body. I am now in the best shape of my life. I have learned how to take care of my body, my health and live a healthy lifestyle

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8-Week One-on-One Diet and Health Coaching!

The Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy (JSA) is now offering an 8-week One-on-One Diet and Health Coaching Program.

Our goal is to help you burn fat, improve your body composition, and achieve the body you want while improving your health, diet and fitness regimen!

This is NOT just a diet and weight-loss prorgram!  This is a lifestyle “shift”.  We will help you learn what foods to eat, how they affect your body, what times to eat certain foods, and the importance of combining a solid fitness program with a proper diet and health system.

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  • • Personalized Fitness and Functional Strength  Workout Plan and Classes
  • • Diet and Health Coaching with World Renowned Diet and Health System
  • • Daily 1-on-1 Coaching and Support with our 3 Diet Coaches via Text, Email, Conversation and Dedicated Support Group
  • • Food Sensitivity Testing and Recommendations
  • • Progress Tracking with Weekly Weigh-ins and Fitness Monitoring
  • • Diet Tips and Recipes from our coaches, community and World Renowned Diet and Health System
  • • Private-Group Support through JSA Online Community and Private Facebook Community

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During the 8-weeks, we will be focusing on maximizing body-fat % lost, inches lost and learning to love being healthy and fit!  This is NOT a weight-loss program.  Too many fad diets concentrate on losing weight only.  Our goal is to improve your body composition (burn fat and build muscle).  Too many people get caught up on the number on the scale.  You need to shift your focus from the scale to how you look and feel!

Let me ask you this: Would you rather weigh 10lbs less, but look and feel the same?  Or would you rather re-vamp your body image, look slimmer, become more toned and improve your health; but weigh the same?

That is the mind-shift that needs to happen.  It’s not about the scale, it’s about how YOU look, feel and function.

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Once you decide to take the challenge to improve your body and health you will be assigned a dedicated coach.  Your coach will be dedicated to your progress!  You will work with them personally to get the results you’re looking for!

Your coach will provide you with all the learning material, food recommendations, recipes, diet adjustments, supplement recommendations, workout program and of-course: ongoing support.

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Your coach will privately take your measurements, weight, and body-fat percentage.  All your information will be kept private with your coach and will remain private.

Each week your coach will re-check your stats and make recommendations.

Your coaches will also come up with a dedicated and personalized workout plan for you!  He or she will recommend what fitness classes to take, what days / times you should train, how often you should train, and what exercises you should be focusing on!

Everyone is unique – your workout plan maybe different than your other members.  Your coach will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts, recovering properly and ensuring you achieve your goals.

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