Jiu-Jitsu training offers many benefits, besides just learning how to depend yourself.  A dedicated jiu-jitsu practitioner can expect to learn more then just effective techniques in unarmed combat, jiu-jitsu training can literally change your life both physically and mentally.

Martial Arts training in general can be a life pursuit that affects and changes you as a person.  You will learn to be…

  • More Confident
  • More Humble
  • More Patient
  • Happier
  • Achieve a Healthier Life Perspective

I cannot tell you how these changes happen, maybe it’s act of executing combat techniques, maybe it’s the feeling of improving every class, maybe it’s gaining new friendships and admiration for training partners, maybe it’s something unknown that just happens when a person pursues martial arts.

Not only do these general well-being changes happen, but almost every student I have ever come across has noticed physical changes as well.  They become..

  • Stronger
  • More Agile
  • More Muscular
  • Loss of Body Fat
  • More Endurance
  • Healthier Overall

These changes almost happen subtly and without “work”.  Most people spend ours at a gym trying to achieve just a few of those physical changes, but with Jiu-Jitsu training, your body and mind are in constant action.  You are using your body is so many different positions, as well as using your muscles in so many different ways.  When training jiu-jitsu you’re not just using one set of muscles, you’re using your whole body as one core unit.  And to top it off, your body is employing both endurance and strength muscles.  I often wonder why people spend hours at the gym just to increase the size of their biceps when they could be increasing their knowledge as well as improving their body.

Eventually, a jiu-jitsu practitioner may choose to supplement his or her jiu-jitsu training with additional workouts in the gym.  But, we highly recommend that in the beginning of your jiu-jitsu training, focus first on jiu-jitsu, then supplement later.

Remember, jiu-jitsu and martial arts can be a life pursuit of constant improvement.  But, for some people they are not interested in training martial arts for their whole life.  That is not to say that these people cannot reap the benefits of jiu-jitsu training.  Typically a student will start noticing changes within the first month or so, and will really benefit from jiu-jitsu training after 4-6 months.  I warn you though – jiu-jitsu is HIGHLY addictive.

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