Strength & Performance Training at the JSA

Our Strength and Performance Training Programs at the JSA is a uniquely designed to help our individual clients to improve their strength, build healthy lean muscle, burn fat and increase your performance.

Our approach to strength training is unique because our clients are unique.

Our strength training methodology is different at the JSA. You’re not just a number here; you’re a client with individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. Our qualified strength coaches will work with you personally to ensure proper technique while training to reduce injury and get the most out of your workout.

We focus on proper technique, movement and ensuring that you get the best possible workout for your individual goals.  We offer programs for pure beginners to advanced strength athletes.

There’s no egos and no BS… no one has time for that.  We don’t care if you’ve never lifted a weight before in your life or have been lifting all your life.  All we care about is helping you become stronger and feel incredible.

Our Strength Training Programs

Personalized Strength and Performance Workouts

“It’s like having a personal strength coach at a fraction of the cost”

One of the other benefits of Strength Training at the JSA is we work with you personally to help you gain strength and improve your body.

Everyone is different, so our approach has to be different.  When you train at the JSA we work with you to always improve your technique, movement and strength.  The most important thing is NOT getting hurt!  That is why we constantly stress technique, proper movement and getting the most out of your workout.

We also provide custom workouts and training plans for all types of clients – those who are looking to just feel awesome, competitive strength athletes (strongman, power-lifting, adventure racing), teen athletes and professional fighters.

Our certified strength coaches have the experience and knowledge to help reach your full-potential while ensuring that you stay healthy and continue to make progress daily.

Strongman Training

There’s nothing more primal, fun and “real” than an incredible strongman workout.

Strongman training is just fun!  It’s a great way to train and develop real, usable, POWERFUL strength.  It’s a full-body, ass-kicking workout that makes strength training FUN!

When the JSA was built we focused on creating an environment where we had everything our clients needed to get strong and have fun doing it.  This included A LOT of strongman equipment so we can do:

  • Atlas stones
  • Tires flips
  • Log Clean and Press
  • Yoke Walks
  • Farmers Walks
  • Sledge Hammer Training
  • Axle Bar Training
  • …. and more!

Strongman training is for everyone.  You don’t have to be a “beast” to do it!  We’ve had girls under 100lbs to guys over 300lbs train strongman; and we have equipment for all shapes, sizes and experience. You just need the desire and interest to do it.

Teen Strength and Performance

Proper strength training and performance conditioning for young athletes has a tremendous benefit for their overall health, confidence and athletic performance.

At the JSA we have been working with high-level athletes in Soccer, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Football, and more to improve their performance in their choose sport. We have proven success in all athletic areas. 

We tailor our programs to find the individual need of the sport and client.  For example: a football player may need to be stronger and have more muscle mass; while soccer athletes need to be quicker, agile, and have explosive speed / power.

The most important thing with teens… and anything athlete is proper MOVEMENT.  Our programs focus on helping our athletes move properly and develop STRENGTH IN MOVEMENT.  

This ensures that teen athletes prevent injuries, improve their performance, become stronger and gain confidence.

TRITAC-Combat Fit

High-Intensity Self-Defense Workouts

“Beat the Bulge” – Burn Fat & Build Muscle – Our TRITAC Combat Fit Classes are HIGH INTENSITY Workout Classes designed for you to burn fat, build strength & muscle, and feel incredible after!

Learn Self-Defense – Not only are you going to get a great workout, but we’re going to teach you simple, basic, and highly effective self-defense while you workout.

Heavy Bags, Kettlebells, Sandbags and More! – This is not just another “cardio kickboxing” class. You’ll use a variety of different “tools” to build a strong, healthy and beautiful body… who can kick some butt too!

Meet Awesome New Friends – The JSA is a family who all share the vision of helping each other “better ourselves”. We all have our personal goals and the JSA Family is here to help you reach yours an achieve more!