Strength Training is a big world, there are many applications of ‘strength training’ that go way beyond just trying to add muscle or lose weight.

Strength training, especially at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT, should be about strengthening the body’s natural movements.  For example, the squat exercise is one of best exercises you could do for all-around fitness, health, fat loss and of course strength.  But most people don’t even know how to squat properly.  When learning to be strong, we first focus on the movement, without weight.  So if you were learning to squat, we first teach you the squat movement, and then challenge your strength by adding resistance.

The Turkish Get Up is one of the most complicated, but also extremely beneficial strength training exercises that challenges your whole body.  Matt Bryers and Jason Valencia, two of the strength coaches at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT, show you how to do the Turkish Get Up along with many of the benefits of this awesome strength training exercise.

If you’re interested in learning this awesome lift, as well as how you can become stronger, lose weight, and get the body you want…. without spending HOURS of cardio, then check out our strength training classes in Connecticut at the Cage JSA.

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This week during our Jiu Jitsu Classes at the Cage JSA for Gi and No Gi training, we will look at 2 major Jiu Jitsu techniques, and explore variations / combinations from these techniques.

The first Jiu Jitsu technique is a Japanese Jujitsu or Judo technique that you will find in our white belt charts in Kokubai Jujitsu: Kosoto Gake.  It is sometimes called “major outside hook” or outside leg trip; but it is one of the first and most effective takedowns you can learn in Jiu Jitsu.  It is effective for Gi, No Gi Grappling or MMA.

From the Kosoto Gake, we’ll also explore passing the guard with the over under guard pass principles, as well as fighting from the bottom to recover half guard, then to deep half guard.

In our Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, Diogo “Moreno” Araujo will showing Spider Guard sweep and submissions.  The spider guard is a powerful guard position that gives you a lot of control over your opponent’s posture and arms.  Having a good grip, with a “push-pull” feel is important for dominating from the spider guard position.  Moreno loves the spider guard, and has a lot of great details on how to finish.

You’ll learn these 2 jiu jitsu techniques in our classes in Cromwell, CT at the Cage JSA.  If you are new to Jiu Jitsu, don’t worry!  In our BJJ and No Gi Classes, we start slow and introduce Jiu Jitsu to our students the right way. Many students worry that they won’t know what they are doing their first jiu jitsu class – that’s ok!  ALLLL of our students had to start from the beginning.  That is why we pride ourselves for helping new students learn the incredible art of Jiu Jitsu.

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