The phrase strength training itself brings up images of hulk like men grunting, lifting heavy weights, listening to anger death metal and chugging protein shakes.

While this may be true at some of the “hardcore gyms”, most strength training gyms are designs for “every-day” men and women who are looking to feel stronger, lose weight and gain muscle.

There are many misconceptions around strength training and how it can greatly benefit your life as well.

Lie #1: Strength Training Will Make Women Bulky and Unattractive.

This is the one we get the most. As a strength and fitness gym, our most common request is to lose weight and tone up.

The funny thing is that strength training does exactly that!

It almost angers us at how much we actually hear that women are terrified of strength training because they think they will get big.

Women, please, lets dispel this myth right now…

It would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to get bulky strength training unless you were eating for a small army. Even then, your would probably be surprised at how hard it is to actually gain a thick bulky body.

What happens instead is that women burn fat and build beautiful, shapely muscle.

NOTE – in order to get as big as this women, there are extreme “supplements” involved and a diet of at least 5,000 calories a day.  It is seriously impossible to look even remotely like this unless you spent 5-10 years… or more trying.

Lie #2: You Need Cardio Exercise To Lose Weight

This is another favorite. Go to a regular gym and look around at the treadmills; they’re packed, but how many of those people look in great shape? Now, how many of them of been on that treadmill for years getting little or no results at all?

The problem with cardio is that our body adapts so quickly, that all fat burning benefits are quickly reduced.

Your body needs to be consistently challenged… like in strength training.

Another benefit is that when you strength train you build more muscle… NOT BULK… but when you build more muscle, your metabolism increases and you also burn more fat.

So in fact, strength training does a much better job of burning fat than pure cardio.

Lie #3: There is one workout program that fits all women

This is a tough one to swallow. We buy all these books on workouts, dieting, health, etc. and how do you know which one will work for you? The true of the matter is that it’s truly custom.

Since Strength training is more of a “skill” than it is a pure fitness workout, each strength trainee needs to be treated as an individual and is the coaches responsibility to ensure that you get results.

When you’re ready to give strength training a shot at the Cage JSA, simply request a 1-week of free intro workouts and assessment, and we’ll get you on the path of feeling strong, losing weight, and developing healthy shapely muscle.