JSA Teen Strength Camp

The JSA (Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy) is CT’s Premiere Strength, Performance and Martial Arts Facility. We are a family of dedicated trainers and athletes with over 6 years of coaching and training teen and adult athletes. We offer dedicated, small group strength and performance training tailored to the specific needs of athletes.

Improve Performance with Strength Training

Gain the competitive edge with proper strength and performance training for teen athletes. Improve health, confidence and athletic ability. There is no better time than adolescence to begin a good strength training program.

Reduce Injuries

Teen training without proper guidance, program or instruction; typically leads to injuries or no boost in athletic performance. Injury prevention, proper movement, “core” stabilization and fundamental strength are ESSENTIAL for these young athletes.

1-on-1 Coaching Experience

At the JSA, our clients aren’t just a number. What makes us unique is that we focus on each client individually. Teens need dedicated coaching, monitoring and support. We focus on ensuring that teens progress properly and safely by putting technique and movement first.

Passion for Strength

Our coaches are passionate about strength and fitness.  We strive to always offer the best we can for our clients.  We are a “personalized training” facility.  This means that every client gets personal, unique and dedicated training to help reach their potential.

Our Dedicated Coaches:

Justin Czaplicki:

Head Strength Training Coach & Strongman Athlete

Hey guys my name is Justin Czaplicki and I’m a Strength athlete and coach. I’ve been training for and competing in the sport of Strongman since 2006. In that time I have competed in over 30 competitions all around the country.

I have a total of over 20 years training and have been an athlete all my life. Strength and fitness are a huge passion of mine, along with helping others achieve their strength and fitness goals. I have trained with and learned from a wide variety of people over the years, including some of the best strength athletes in the world. I have gained a tremendous amount of real world knowledge, both from them and my own training experiences.

I am also an Underground Strength Certified Coach; and I am always trying to expand my knowledge and learn from as many different people as I possibly can. Learning is definitely a never ending process for me, and  I want to share what I have learned with you. I believe giving back is extremely important, and want to help as many of you achieve your strength and fitness goals as I can.

Matt Bryers:

Matt Bryers is the owner, head self-defense / jiu-jitsu instructor, and strength coach.  He has been strength training for over 15 years and with a focus in performance, athletic, and goal-oriented training.

He is a Certified TRX Instructor, DVRT Instructor, HKC Instructor, WSM Certified Strongman Instructor / Coach, Crossfit Strongman Certified, and Certified TLS Diet & Health Coach.  He has competed in strength competitions and is obsessed with proper technique and movement.

He has also trained privately under some of the best strength coaches in the world focusing on technique, injury prevention, and developing athletic ability.

Our coaches are passionate about strength and fitness.  We strive to always offer the best we can for our clients.  We are a “personalized training” facility.  This means that every client gets personal, unique and dedicated training to help reach their potential.

Our teens get the same treatment but during dedicated semi-private sessions

High Performance Facility

The JSA is committed to providing the highest quality training with a dedicated staff who have a passion for strength. We have an over 4,800 sq/f featuring the best equipment, training options and programs for teens and adults.

  • x3 Dedicated Strength Coaches

    3-certified strong coaches to train, coach and motivate kids.

  • Custom Training Programs

    We provide custom programs tailored to the athlete & sport that fit each individual’s goals, strengths, weaknesses and injuries.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Each athlete gets one on one coaching, monitoring and support from our coaches.

  • 1-Hour Workouts

    Athletes train hard for one hour that includes a warm-up, workout, and cool-down.

  • Results-Driven Workouts

    Our workouts are designed to be challenging, fun and results producing.  We focus on building the athletes strength, mobility, and confidence.

  • Movement & Technique First

    The most important thing for athletes to learn is how to move their bodies properly and learn to recruit all their muscles to perform.  Improper movement leads to injuries and poor performance.

Teen Strength Camp Info

Level-up Your Strength & Performance @ the JSA!

Get Stronger, Reduce Injuries, and Improve Athletic Performance with the JSA Teen Summer Strength Camp:

  • Dates: June 19th – August 31st
  • Days: Monday – Friday
    • Choose 2-4 days a week
    • Coaches will recommend training schedules / groups
  • Times: 9:30AM – 11AM or 3:30PM – 5PM
    • Come for either session
  • Registration Deadline: June 9th
  • Costs: $200


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