Importance of Proper Strength Training

Proper strength training and performance conditioning for young athletes has a tremendous benefit for their overall health, confidence and athletic performance.  When these athletes learn how to use their body as one cohesive, explosive and powerful unit; they are able to easily transfer that ability and learned knowledge into their sport.

Teens also need extra guidance and instruction compared to adults.  Their bodies are still growing; which requires interactive coaching, a cohesive workout program, and adaptions to workouts based upon the ability of each athlete.

Many teens know that they need to “go to the gym” but are mostly clueless when it comes to strength training properly. They listen to bad advice, go WAY to heavy and do it all with improper technique.  It’s unfortunate how scary some of the workout programs we have seen teens do or some of the exercises they try to perform.

Their training, without proper guidance, program and instruction; typically leads to injuries or no boost in athletic performance. Injury prevention, proper movement and “core” stabilization / strength are ESSENTIAL for these young athletes.

At the JSA we have been working with high-level athletes in Soccer, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Football, and more to improve their performance in their choose sport.  We have proven success in all athletic areas.  We tailor our programs to find the individual need of the sport and client.  For example: a football player may need to be stronger and have more muscle mass; while soccer athletes need to be quicker, agile, and have explosive speed / power.

We have also worked with teens for over 3.5 years in a variety of training methodologies.  We have worked intensely with the girls and boys Cromwell Soccer, Basketball and Baseball athletes.  We have also worked with Xavier Wrestling, Baseball and Football athletes.

Our training programs are designed to also be “fun”! As any parent or coach knows; if you can somehow make training fun (so they want to train) for a young athlete while simultaneously improving their ability; you will have great success with that athlete.

Experienced Coaches

Matt Bryers:

Matt Bryers is the owner, head self-defense / jiu-jitsu instructor, and strength coach.  He has been strength training for over 15 years and with a focus in performance, athletic, and goal-oriented training.

He is a Certified TRX Instructor, DVRT Instructor, HKC Instructor, WSM Certified Strongman Instructor / Coach, Crossfit Strongman Certified, and Certified TLS Diet & Health Coach.  He has competed in strength competitions and is obsessed with proper technique and movement.

He has also trained privately under some of the best strength coaches in the world focusing on technique, injury prevention, and developing athletic ability.

Robin Holcomb:

Robin Holcomb is the head fitness trainer / coach at the JSA.  Robin focuses on using a variety of different training methods to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular output. She is a certified TRX Instructor (Suspension, Rip, Rehab), Certified Sandbag Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified TLS Diet and Health Coach.

Robin works with some of the top fitness trainers in the industry to always increase her knowledge on training healthy and fit athletes.

Her clients develop increased overall strength, core strength, core stabilization, and a strong increase in cardiovascular output.  Her classes and workouts are tough, challenging, but results producing.

Matt Wheeler:

Matt Wheeler is the head strength coach at the JSA and is a certified Crossfit Instructor, Personal Trainer, and has a Bachelors in Sports Science.  Matt also trains the Manchester Football Team and other teens in strength.

Our coaches are passionate about strength and fitness.  We strive to always offer the best we can for our clients.  We are a “personalized training” facility.  This means that every client gets personal, unique and dedicated training to help reach their potential.

Our teens get the same treatment but during dedicated semi-private sessions

What’s Included?

Our training always includes a strength component, movement / agility component, high-intensity training component, and mobility / flexibility.

Initial Strength, Movement and Fitness Assessment

For the first week our coaches will put the teams through some mini-workouts to introduce them to some of the training “tools” we use: TRX, Sandbag, Kettlebells, Sledge Hammers, Barbells, Dumbbells, etc.).  Each teen will perform some designated exercises of the day and we will determine which “level” they are at.  It is VERY important that they can move properly while performing an exercise.  Not only will it allow them to train properly, but corrective exercises will also improve their athletic performance.  They need to learn how to move properly to train properly.  Movement (technique) and injury prevention are most important.

Customized Training Plans

We develop custom training plans and workout for all of our teens that align with their choose sport and movement level.

The workout program will include:

  • Warm-up and Corrective / Mobility Exercises
    • 10-15 minutes to prepare the athletes to work.
  • Power Development
    • 1-2 strength and power development building exercises to provide athletes increased strength, power and explosiveness.
  • Performance Development
    • Series of exercises and movements using TRX, Sandbag, Bodyweight Training, “Fun” Training, Running / Sprint, and Agility.
  • Cool-Down and Stretch


One of the biggest benefits to working with the JSA is that our clients and athletes are treated like family.  We give them the best we have to ensure they’re getting the results they need.  That is our specialty.

Diet and Health Guidelines

We will provides our athletes diet and health recommendations to ensure recovery and proper nutrition.

1-Week Free Intro Workouts & Assessment