Cardio Kickboxing Classes Cage JSA Wednesday Night Cromwell CT

Cardio Kickboxing Classes at the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT are a combination of a great fitness workout, where you’re burning fat, building muscle, and relieving a lot of stress.  But did you know that you’re also learning some valuable self defense skills too?

All of our Cardio Kick Boxing Classes are taught by expert martial artists who are here to help you get the best workout, but also ensure that you’re learning the proper kickboxing technique.

Here are the top 5 Cardio Kickboxing ‘Moves’ you’ll use in our classes in Cromwell CT.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #1: Jab Cross

The jab cross are the two most important punches you can learn.  They are straight punches, and are targeted at the face, or body.  During kickboxing classes, your instructor will give you certain kickboxing combinations that will include these two punches, along with others such as the hook punch, uppercuts, and other variations.

Check out this video from one of our TRITAC Co-Founders on how to do these straight punches for your Cardio Kickboxing Class, but also for self defense.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #2: Front Kicks

Front Kicks are one of the best kicks that you can ever learn for self defense, but also excellent for building strength, coordination and power in your legs during your Cardio Kickboxing Class.  A good front kick can be targeted to the mid section, groin or legs.  Learning how to do a good front kick will not only give you a strong edge in self defense, but help you get a great workout in your cardio kick boxing class in CT.  Here’s a video using front kicks from Matt Bryers, owner of the Cage JSA in Cromwell CT.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #3: TRITAC Frames

TRITAC Frames are a combination of an elbow strike and defense against strikes in one move.  They are unique to TRITAC and one of the top skills that we teach new students for self defense, but also in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes.  A good TRITAC Frame is not only a powerful technique to defend against punches or other attacks, but can also be a powerful to strike your opponent as well.  They are great to train using the heavy bag in your kickboxing class, and also develop strong and powerful shoulders.  We are one of the only Cardio Kickboxing Schools in CT that teach you how to use these powerful techniques in your classes.  TRITAC Co-Founder shares how to do the TRITAC Frame.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #4: Roundhouse Kick

Along with the front kick, the round house kick is one of the basic kicks that you will use in your Cardio Kickboxing class.  There are many variations of the roundhouse kick, but in our Cardio Kickboxing classes at the Cage JSA in Cromwell, CT we focus mostly on the Muay Thai and/or Kyokushin Karate version of the roundhouse kick (basically same kick).  These are VERY powerful kicks that target the knees, body or head.  The are great to beat-up a heavy bag and are one of the top kicks that you will learn in our Cardio Kick boxing Classes.  Liam Harrison, globally renowned Muay Thai World Champion, Yokkao sponsored athlete, Bad Company pro fighter and One Championship incumbent here goes through his patented style of killer low kicks.

Cardio Kickboxing Class Move #5: Hammer Strikes

Hammer strikes are unconventional strikes that are used a lot in our TRITAC Combatives system.  They are unique strikes that are very powerful, and hard to ‘detect’.  These make them great for self defense situations, but also make your cardio kickboxing classes a lot more fun by being creative with different kickboxing combinations using punches, kicks, frames and hammer strikes.  Here’s an awesome drill for hammer strikes that you will learn in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes in CT, from one of the TRITAC Co-Founders.

Ready to learn all these awesome moves in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes in CT?

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