According to some study, somewhere, 80% of people fail in the gym and never achieved any semblance of the goal there were looking to achieve.

I think you would agree that most people start off their fitness path by joining their local gym.  It’s close, it’s cheap and they’ve  got a TV on the treadmill.  Maybe there’s a guy in a polo shirt who shows you around, tells you what exercises you can do.  After that… regardless of if they only keep at it for a month, or they hang around for a longer… the result is the same.  Little to no results.


Why do these poor souls who just want feel good about themselves FAIL…?

Well according to my extensive research on the subject, here are 10 reasons why 80% Fail in the gym

1) Lost sight of vision

When you first think about joining a gym, there was a reason.  You had a vision.

There is a vision of you how you want to look and feel.  Maybe it’s gaining the confidence and strength that comes from training combat martial arts.

Or… maybe it was looking sexy as hell, ass popping and feeling good!

But then what happens.  You start strong, go for a few weeks, and something derails you.  Then the excuses start happening, and eventually the gym is just a scan tag on your keys.

You lost sight of the vision.  You lost your WHY.

OR … your vision wasn’t important enough.  You didn’t care enough about yourself to make it happen.

But if you do care, and did care… why did you stop going?

2) No Plan

How many times do you see people aimlessly walking around the gym?  BTW – these people are a lot of fun to watch.  I always would wonder what they were thinking

[in my head, thinking about what they’re saying in their head]

  • “I’ll just uhh grab this thing over here, yeaup, give that a few curls… hell yea, gonna get jacked arms… I should get a tattoo”
  • “Ah shit, I should hit the treadmill for a bit, burn some calories, increase my cardio, scope out the gym scene… I think those two are hooking up”
  • “Ohhhhh that ab machine looks cool, so THIS is how you get abs.  I can’t wait to have a six pack.  I wonder how many reps I have to do to get a 6 pack.  Is there a chart for that? Let me google that now while I’m working out.  Multi tasking rules.”

How can you expect to succeed like that?  And you know that’s why … 80% of them are thinking!!!

Without a plan – a structured approach to results that makes the path CLEAR is what you need.

“The plan gives you the path to your vision”.  (that’s solid gold right there).

3) Went The Cheap Route

The FIRST question … 80% of all people ask me when they inquire about the Cage JSA is

“How much does a membership cost?”
For those who are inquiring, we have a variety of different options, come down for a visit and we’ll go over them with you.

Why do people ask this question??

1, it’s probably the only question they know to ask.  They want to go to the gym, they’re used to paying $10 a month for their regular gym who they don’t go to anyways, and they don’t use that gym, so they don’t want to pay for another gym that they’re not going to use.

2, they are scared of the cost because again, they know if they fail, they’re going to be paying for 2 memberships

3, they are on a tight budget, and cannot afford groceries, but want to get in shape

4, they never have any intention of joining, but they want to use the excuse “it cost too much” for NEVER getting results.

Listen, if you are not willing to invest your time and money into yourself, we can’t help you.  No one can but yourself.  But we are here for our clients to provide them everything they need to get their results.  That’s why they pay us 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to join the Cage JSA or some other facility.  What matters is, don’t be a dump ass when it comes to taking care of yourself.  This is your body, health and part of your life progression…. don’t ignore it.  Don’t make excuses to prevent yourself from seriously, like REALLY doing what you set out to do.

4) No Gym Buddy

We all know that when you workout with someone else, you are much more successful in the gym.  You are accountable to that person.  But also all gym stories of failure go, once one gym partner ditches, the second one is soon to follow.  And now no one’s doing anything.

What if, the WHOLE gym and the staff were your workout buddies.  No WAY would you let them down.  They expect you to be in class, in the gym or on the mats – making improvements every day.  Everyone knows your schedule, and you know everyone’s too.

No gym buddy left behind.

5) Wrong Gym

The gym, fitness facility, martial arts school, whatever is a unique place.  You have to feel comfortable there.  You have to feel like “I can hang out with these people”.  This is really, really important.

If the environment is “weird” and doesn’t make you feel good  – there is absolutely NO WAY you are going to show up there on regular basis.

Of course in the beginning, it’s challenging walking into a legitimate training gym.  That’s why you need to evaluate it.  Give it a week, and go from there.

Do not EVER just join a gym for their workout equipment or extreme close proximity to your home or work.  Go to a gym that is designed to get the results you are looking for, in a way that is fun and engaging.

6) F_cking Lazy

What do you want me to say?  People are f-ing lazy.

I don’t care what excuse they got, and I am sure there are some legitimate ones, but come on… the amount of excuses and LIES people tell to themselves is unreal.  My gym BS meter is very honed in.  Over 25 years in gyms, martial arts schools, and just about every other facility for training you can imagine, and the out right lies people tell to themselves is insane.

I don’t get it.  Some people are just never going to get “going”.  It’s sad.  I wish I could do something.

In fact, when I first started teaching, I used to spot these people and think that I was going to be the one that changed them.  That showed them the light…  Unfortunately some people just can’t get out of their own way.

So those our my 6 reasons why people fail in the gym.

I don’t want to see them fail, it makes me sad 🙁

But, if they OR you are looking for a place where we ensure that doesn’t happen, where failure is a learning experience that we use to grow – then come hang out with us for a week.

We’re always looking for new gym buddies!


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